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My Clients

Feel free to take a look at some of the clients I have helped to get set up and grow their online business. Need help getting your business set up online? Book your free consultation today!


The FETCH.IT team came to me with a dated, self built website and in need of an upgrade for their fully compostable pet products! Their fast growing business meant increased traffic coming to their website and they wanted to build a better user experience. I designed a new website for them using the Wix platform so they were able to continue to manage all of their ecommerce purchases & store items from the user friendly dashboard. I also assisted with some basic SEO & helped them to connect with their loyal customers via Mailchimp.

A Handpicked Life Community

This is a project has been a long time in the making and one close to my heart. This is a partnership project for which I have developed a simple website & I have built and online membership platform using Mighty Networks. Members have access to our app and desktop platform which acts as its very own social media network specifically geared towards helping people find alternative ways of living. They can follow subjects they are interested in, attend regular exclusive community events, complete online courses and so much more!

Lianne Campbell Life & Health Coaching

Lianne had a dated website & wanted to grow her online presence. I provided a full re-design, business coaching & advice on how to grow her online presence. I also provided private tutoring sessions and assistance with how to get found on Google (SEO), operating her online store, blogging, social media management, social media marketing, MailChimp & Zoom. I provide on-going technical support and advice for Lianne as she continues to grow her online business.

Wholeness At Heart

Jyotish Patel made the decision to launch online services after the pandemic hit and he was unable to continue to offer his in-person workshops and sessions. I provided branding, a full website with page design templates, private tutoring sessions and a personalised branding guide book so he is now able to manage his own website with minimal assistance. I have also provided advice and training in how to get found on Google (SEO), blogging & MailChimp. 

Now Fitness

Maxine had a dated website and minimal contact with her web designer and was frustrated that she couldn't get things updated as and when she needed to. I provided a full re-brand and website redesign along with tutoring so she can now manage and update her website herself. As soon as lock-down hit we were able to launch online classes in a matter of days with a few private tutoring sessions on how to use Zoom effectively. I have also given private sessions on how to get found on Google (SEO) to help continue to grow her business in person and online.

Oxon Hoath Retreats Online

Oxon Hoath have been offering wellness retreats for 20 years in the English countryside. When we were placed in lockdown, a few of the practitioners decided they would like to offer the magic of their retreats online to help people at this difficult time. We turned this project around extremely quickly with a simple website, development of a MailChimp mailing list & a private session to teach the practitioners how to operate Zoom. After the success of the first retreat I am now providing ongoing assistance to help broaden their audience.

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